How to get rid of Bugs, Rodents, and Pests

red_ant_standing_arms_on_waist_cartoon_shirt_postcard-r665c801907934a80a5288cd9962dbbaf_vgbaq_8byvr_512Some who read this follow the Christian or Jewish faith, and may have heard of the verse in Genesis that says humankind has dominion over the earth, and is called to subdue it.  Others, who do not follow theses faiths, may have an understanding of the new paradigm that is arising, namely, that intentions create reality.

Years ago, I wondered why creatures we call pests existed.  Evolutionists would say nature found a niche and filled it, it just is what it is. Religious folks would say curses or plagues due to the sins of humankind caused God to create them.

I started paying attention to pests to learn more.  Over the years I noticed things. For example, my neighbors 2 houses down had a mouse infestation that they could not get a handle on. Yet other houses did not have this infestation. My parents always seemed to be battling spider infestations. My grandma battled ants. Some people got bitten by mosquitoes and others didn’t.  Some only got bitten on their left side.  Or only on their right side. As for me, it was roaches.  They always seemed to run out and begin their crazy death throes right in front of me.  But not my husband.  What was going on?  Why were some people plagued, and others weren’t?

To answer this, I have resorted to my most trusted source, other than Google.  My subconscious.

I focused on roaches first because of how viscerally horrifying and revolting they were to me.

I discovered something amazing.

It was my disgust that attracted them.

They mirrored a subconscious, deeply rooted, disgust at myself, that had been implanted deep within me since childhood.

When I let the disgust go, I noticed that roaches no longer infested my home and waited for me to be around before coming out and croaking. I knew I was on to something.

A couple of years ago, my cat kept bringing in mice and rats.  Sometimes they were dead, or nearly so, and other times she would just let them go.  I wondered why she did this, letting the ‘she is bringing you a gift’ idea go and really looking at it.  Mice and rats don’t bother me, so I couldn’t figure out what I was doing to intend or attract this situation in my life, and why my cat felt compelled to behave this way.

I happened to be dating someone pretty seriously at the time, and I noticed my cat would bring these critters in within 2-3 days after we had an argument. It took me a couple of years to figure out that it wasn’t really my energy directly, but it was his – perhaps some part of him felt out of place, or like a mouse, when he was with me. When we broke up, no more mice and rats. What made me see that it was more him than me was our reactions. He was revolted by them, especially their (sorry this is gross) excretions.  It didn’t really bother me because that kind of thing just doesn’t bother me too much.

Here is another example:

Also a couple of years ago, my home had ants.  I mean every kind everywhere, except fire ants.  I pondered what was attracting them, having figured out that ants represent order, structure, and can represent seething anger at times. I am still not exactly sure what cleared in me energetically, but I asked that whatever I was creating that attracted them would heal, and that the ants would go.  It took a year, but by February 2014, before Spring, I felt clear enough to go ahead and make the declaration that ants were no longer allowed in my house.  I told them they could make their own home elsewhere, and that I wouldn’t harm them.  Well, my son must have picked up on this.  In March, out of sheer mischeviousness, he said he wanted LOTS of ants to come into the house! Knowing that his ability to intend and manifest was just as strong as mine, I used my will and said No. For some reason he argued. Then I said, OK.  They can come into your bathroom and your bedroom.  But that is it.

Guess what happened?

In May, ants started marching right into his bathroom.  But no where else.  He freaked out.  He wouldn’t go near his bathroom! After he calmed down a bit, I reminded him that he had called them in a couple of months before.  He had forgotten that. I told him that all he had to do was tell them to leave again, and they would probably be gone in a day or so.  So, my child stood near his bathroom and said, ‘Ants! You must go now!’ in a pretty mean voice.  I gently told him to use a strong and firm voice, but to not lose the love part in his voice, because the ants only had done what had been asked of him, and they were an expression of Life.

Guess what? We checked the next day, and only 1 lost-looking ant remained. This ant freaked my son out still, but he could at least see that his intentions and his words mattered.

If you have an infestation problem of any kind, even on plants or pets, here is how to heal the infestation fairly easily, with no traps or poisons or harshness or confusion.


1. Note how it makes you feel? (gross, overwhelmed, horrified, scared, depressed, icky, annoyed, etc…)

2. Understand that all creatures are a mirror. These creatures came to help you see that something inside of you needs attention and needs healing or releasing. Something you may be dimly aware of, or completely unaware of.

3. Ask this question: Where inside of me do I feel this way about myself? For example, with the roaches, it took me a bit to find that I actually harbored self-disgust – I had no idea that I harbored this.

4. Release it from within you, just by letting it go.

5. Now do a check: Imagine the pest.  Do you still feel the same degree of negative emotion? If so, you haven’t let go of the source.  Keep going back within and cleaning and clearing all of the places you harbor the negative feeling. Replace it with compassion. Over time, I promise, the strong or negative reaction you have towards a pest will change and become much less, and even may turn into compassion towards the poor creature whose job it was to show up and be the mirror you needed.

After all, its just an animal, having a nervous system just like you do, and probably not liking the prospect that it has to be squished by a shoe just to get you to wake up.

6. AFTER the above is done, THEN you can GENTLY, but FIRMLY, make the Declaration that the critters are no longer allowed in your domain. You can take dominion at this point.

IF the creatures don’t fully leave, ask within yourself why.  What is left emotionally, mentally, or spiritually that needs to clear.  It will be given! It always is.


1. Ants -order, anger, boundaries being breached

2. Wasps – feminine anger (could be within a male or female and towards a male or female)

3. Fear of Spiders – safety.  Always. This is a first chakra issue, and hard to nail sometimes because often the trauma that attracts them happened in infancy or birth.

4. Mice – feeling less than, like a mouse, or taking false refuge

5. Roaches – disgust, self disgust, loathing

6. Snakes – fear of thoughts that need to surface from the subconscious.  Fear of diving into the subconscious. (For this one, ask what thought am I afraid of?)

7. Flies – putrefecation, feeling like one is full of **it, unworthiness

8. mosquitoes – feeling drained by someone (if most bites on left, then a woman. if on the right, then a man; if everywhere, multiple things)




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